This month wipe to clean your jewelry in purchases over 50€



At Dlirio we work not to be recognized only for our collections and our image.

Since we decided to start this adventure we were clear that our jewels would be made in Barcelona. In this way we can have the immediacy of the novelties in our stores, the control of the quality of our products and the guarantee that the production processes are respectful according to our ideas.

Years have passed since our inception and the global perception of environmental awareness has come a long way, luckily and this at Dlirio has led us year after year to improve in different fields.


We pay special attention to durability in all the products we create and we achieve this especially with the gold and silver with which we plate all the pieces we manufacture.

For us this is the key point so that our pieces can be used, used and used for a long time, moving away from products that lose beauty with few uses, in this way we achieve responsible purchases and that our designs are not only seasonal, but that be jewels that accompany us throughout several years.

Both the raw materials we use, as well as the gold and silver plating processes are within the norms indicated by the EU, which sets standards both at the source and in the way how waste is treated.

 And from the beginning we give a second life to the jewels we make. How? We re-plated all those pieces that over time may have lost their shine in gold or silver, and in this way extend their lives as much as we want.

The paper bags we use to package all of our products are recyclable, renewable, reusable and biodegradable. (according to PEFC / 14-35-00169 standard).

We minimize the waste we generate, mainly separating plastic and paper and everything that we can take advantage of, we reuse it.

Regarding the origin of the contracted electricity used in our stores and workshop-studio, it comes 100% from renewable sources.

And it does not end here, our work in this field because every little gesture counts and because every little advance that we know we apply.

We are engaged and in a rush because the weather can't wait.