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d * lily It emerged as a need for expression, from the world of art and interior design a growing interest in jewelry was born. d * lily it is a whole, it is a lifestyle and a form of expression, everything that surrounds us inspires us.

Shapes, colors, textures ... our designs are not marked by seasons, we design small worlds when we are inspired, you will always find something new in our stores, we are in a continuous process of renewal and creation, that is why our collections are limited and ephemeral, they are not permanent collections that you can always find, d * lily it is a box of surprises at all times.
Anyone can d * lirar With our designs, we have clients of all types and ages, people who are excited and feel like us. Our production is very careful, we like to pamper the details, because it is the details that make the difference from well-made designs. Our jewels are of quality, they have good bathrooms, that is why we guarantee our pieces.
We surround ourselves with plants that give us life and fill our life with color and energy, we like beautiful objects, ceramics and interior design.
d * lily is closely linked to photography, we collaborate with photographers who have magic, we speak the same language, the light, the texture of the skin, the shapes of the female bodies ... everything is mixed in our careful photographic sessions with which we present our delusions.
Each photo shoot is a new world with personality models and unique traits that make our jewelry and bags look more. We like to design and compose but what we like the most is designing for you.