This month wipe to clean your jewelry in purchases over 50€


  1. Dark Green Leather Wallet
  1. Medium Hoop Earrings
  1. Green Leather Wallet
    Sold Out
  1. Small Hoop Earrings
  1. Moon Necklace
  1. Mina earrings
    Sold Out
  1. Necklace with Aquamarine Stone
  1. Sun Necklace
  1. Moonstone Necklace
  1. Carla White Ivory Earrings
  1. Lea Necklace
  1. Navy blue leather wallet
  1. Purple Leather Wallet
  1. Dark Blue Leather Wallet
  1. Crete Earrings With Rose Quartz Stone
  1. Crete Earrings With Green Stone
  1. Elma Aquamarine Necklace
  1. Black Onix Earrings
  1. Bronze Leather Wallet
    Sold Out
  1. Serpa necklace
  1. Horizontal Duck Bag
    Sold Out
  1. Black Mobile Case
  1. Nia Rose Quartz Necklace
    Sold Out
  1. Wrath Garnet Earrings
    Sold Out